Configuration of Peeljobs

  1. Create a directory using mkdir peeljobs, move to it using cd

    mkdir peeljobs
    cd peeljobs
  2. Install virtualenv in your local using following command

    sudo apt-get install virtualenv
  3. Create an env in your project dir and activate using following.

    virtualenv -p python3 env
    source ../env/bin/activate
  4. Again create another peeljobs directory for clonning the project.

    mkdir peeljobs
    cd peeljobs
  5. Make sure git installed in your machine or else install by following below command.

    sudo apt-get install git
    git config <your email id>
    git config  <your name>
  6. Then intialize the git by using the following command

    git init
  7. Include peeljobs repository using following command.

    git remote add origin
  1. Pull the code of peeljobs using following command

    git pull origin master
  2. Install requirements, node and sass using following

    sudo apt install curl
    curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt install nodejs
    npm install -g sass
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. We used postgressql here open shell and create the following database

    sudo su - postgres
    create database peeldb;
  4. We have to use third party related keys. We have to had those keys in order to run the application.

    Sendgrid details

    SG_USER=<sendgrid username>

    SG_PWD=<sendgrid password>

    Google developers account details

    GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID=<oauth0 client id>

    GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRET=<oauth0 client secret-key>

    ENABLE_GOOGLE_LOGIN=<variable to configure google login in application>

    Facebook details

    FB_APP_ID = <facebook access key id>

    FB_SECRET = <facebook access secret-key>

    Aws account details

    AWSBUCKETNAME = <aws bucket name>

    AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID = <aws access key id>

    AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY = <aws access secret-key>

    Git account details

    GIT_APP_ID = <git api id>

    GIT_APP_SECRET = <git secret-key>

    LinkedIn account details

    LN_API_KEY = <linkedin api id>

    LN_SECRET_KEY = <linkedin secret-key>

  5. Apply migrations to database using the following command

    python migrate
  6. Now run application using following command, and visit http://localhost:8000

    python runserver
  1. We’re using celery for sending emails, other related tasks in the application. Run celery using the following commands

    celery -A peeljobs worker -l info
    celery -A peeljobs beat -l info